Only barefoot is better.

We’re starting a crowdfunding campaign this summer! You can pre-order our new style in a new design and with a new outsole at a discounted price during this campaign.

And we will offer children’s shoes for the first time!


You can see our previous models below. All of these shoes are now 50% off until our warehouse is free for the new shoes. There are only few shoes left.
Our minimal shoes let you consciously feel the ground thanks to thin flexible soles without heel or footbed. They provide your foot muscles with freedom of movement and enough space for your toes.
The anatomical fit without restrictive stiffeners comes in a stylish and functional design.

Fair and healthy also goes in style.

Sustainability and fairness towards people and nature are as important to us as your foot health.
We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic natural materials. No plastic touches your skin and we avoid synthetic wherever possible.
Even in our vegan shoes we do not use mineral oil products above the sole and use instead organic cotton and plant-based leather substitute made of pineapple remnants.
Our material comes from fair working and trading conditions. The shoes are designed with heart and soul in Berlin and produced under clean and fair working conditions in Portugal.

You can wear Aehrenkranz shoes with a clear conscience.

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