Hi, I am Annette, the founder of Aehrenkranz.

No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find shoes that were produced in an environmentally friendly way and made of natural materials, that are comfortable and flexible, without heels and perfectly made for striking on the balls of your feet. And which matched my taste! I don’t like synthetics on my skin, I try to avoid plastics wherever I can and protect our environment and resources.

As a fashion designer who specialised in footwear design and development, I decided to make the shoes I wanted for myself.
I started the project of my heart in January 2017; the first shoes were ready for sale beginning of 2019.

I am passionate about many things besides my versatile business life. My curiosity and creativity, coupled with a talent in DIY, does not end with my shoes:

I’m almost a hedge witch, I’m into gardening, I’m interested in healthy eating, sustainable living and spiritual topics.
I love singing in a choir, meditate regularly and on and off exhaust myself at barefoot dance events. At some point I also want to be able to play the guitar well …

My greatest luck on earth and at the same time greatest challenger and teacher is my child.

Annette Becker