Delivery in two weeks

Anyone who has followed our development for a while has learned about the hurdles that we encountered. But that was not all.
About four weeks ago, we were without shoelaces because the lace manufacturer decided at short notice that producing such small quantities in so many different colours and lengths was not economical for him.
Then we noticed last Friday that our cartons were printed faulty, so we quickly had to reclamate 1000 shoeboxes.
These are just a few examples … We really hope that the universe will no longer put any big stones in our way and that our manufacturer will deliver the shoes to us in two weeks.

As soon as the shoes arrive in Germany, our logistics partner will send them to you and also supply our shop.

We will tell you the date for the opening party of our shop in Berlin in one of the following posts.


We shot our first collection in the photo studio yesterday.





Our first collection is ready for production, the samples arrived last week!

They look fantastic and if you slip into them you never want to take them off again ….
We can hardly wait to finally wear our shoes ourselves and not to make compromises anymore.
Annette instructed the start of the production last week. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress and when the shoes reach you and our store.


The long way from a sample shoe to a production sample

After we informed you in the last newsletter about the next steps, we give you another update here today.
We were actually expecting the revised series-ready models this week and would have been in the photo studio tomorrow. But our manufacturer wrote us about problems that occur due to the material quality in the production.
It is a huge challenge for manufacturers to produce such a flexible shoe. Normally, the material is stiff and hard and can be processed well by means of heat, steam, pressure, tension and chemicals so that a shoe visually meets the expectations of the client. But our expectations go beyond!
It happens for example, that every colour of our leather behaves differently and must be dealt with instead of backing it with stiffening textiles. The novel Piñatex and the thin soles are new challenges that need to be mastered too. Getting a shoe model pretty is one thing. But to develop it for series production so that the workers in the production chain can work smoothly and without errors only on the basis of data sheets is the other far greater challenge. For weeks we have been making test samples of our new models Reiselust and Sommerwiese which at the time of the crowdfunding campaign existed only as a design draft (as noted in the campaign). As it stands, our manufacturer needs some time longer than originally planned to test and try until all are satisfied and the production can finally start.
Such initial difficulties in the shoe industry are not uncommon and Annette well known by other companies. However, problems are usually not made public, which is not noticeable because companies often don’t state exact delivery dates. Or, a lot of shoes enter the market whose quality we would not accept.
We tell you how it is:
We stand by our claims and want to deliver you the best possible quality. We expect the new prototypes next week and can only specify more exact delivery times afterwards. Currently we are planning to ship the shoes by mid-July.
We are very sorry for this delay and loose a lot of nerves ourselves!
We hope for your understanding and count on your loyalty. Soon there will be wonderful healthy shoes from us!

Why not sending collective mails to crowdfunding supporters?

Many of you ask us why we do not simply send group mails with information. This is prohibited for privacy reasons, so we depend on you to inform yourself and read our posts. There are various options available:
We post important information on our news page here. On Startnext we can post only very short, so-called project updates. More detailed and frequent updates can be found on our Facebook page and can be discussed in the Facebook fan group. We send detailed information approximately monthly with our digital newsletter which we urge you to subscribe to. We are still a very small team with limited time to answer your personal letters. In the future, we will be more active again on Instagram.
We cannot reach you via other channels!
We’ll keep you up to date.
The photo shows a mechanical grading machine, on which patterns were transformed into the respective shoe sizes. Today, all this is done by computer – luckily!

Einblick in die Schuhfabrik

Adjustment of the schedule

We have to adjust our schedule. Originally, we wanted to start supplying shoes at the end of March. In order to ensure this, Annette contacted the main suppliers during the autumn planning and asked them if their goods are always in stock. After promises from all sides, the delivery date was set at the end of March together with the Portuguese manufacturer and our production agent in Portugal.

Unfortunately, we can no longer comply with this date. Our German tannery went out of one leather colour, we only found out a few days ago. The most desired leather, the stone grey, is out of stock and must be produced again. That takes about six weeks. Then it has to be delivered to Portugal and processed and then the goods are sent to us to Germany. We are now planning the delivery of all grey shoes for the end of May.
Currently, we are considering whether the partial production and delivery of all other shoes is economically justifiable. Since we start with a relatively manageable order quantity, even smaller partial orders for our manufacturer and our logistics partner are hardly worthwhile. And they are also associated with additional costs for us, which we still have to calculate.

We will let you know as soon as we know when we will deliver which models.

Unfortunately, these are initial difficulties that will soon be a thing of the past as soon as production runs and our suppliers can count on us with predictable order volumes.

Some of you may wonder why our manufacturer does not order the material sooner. This is quite simple: the shoe factories have only very limited storage space. So the brands cannot let their specific material delivered weeks before the production starts. The delivered material corresponds exactly to the quantity needed for the respective production order. It will be processed immediately and the shoes will be shipped straight away.

We wholeheartedly apologize for the delay and ask for your understanding!

In the photo, we give you an insight into the shoe factory, which is working under clean and fair conditions.

Hooray! We made it.

With the help of more than 150 supporters and many friends and fans who have shared our campaign in their networks we’ve made it to our funding goal. What does it mean “made it”? After only two weeks, we reached the required € 12,000 and by the end of the six-week campaign got over € 21,000 from you!
We are very touched by so much positive feedback and thank each and every one of you for the mental, financial and active support online and offline !!!


How it goes from now we have already explained in detail in our recent newsletter, here is a brief summary:
All get their purchased goods including invoice; planned delivery period is the second half of March 2019.
If you want to return or exchange your shoes you will have your statutory right of withdrawal or exchange within the EU. This is more exactly described in our cancellation policy below. If you live outside the EU contact us directly and we will see that we find a good solution.

From now on you can buy our first fully developed model Freudentanz in the webshop at regular prices. The delivery time is also March 2019!

The loafers Reiselust and the ballerinas Sommerwiese will be developed in the coming months and therefore not yet available in the webshop.
At the same time, we are investing your money in building up series production, in order to be able to start in February and then offer shorter delivery times in the future.

To always stay up-to-date and get more detailed information you best subscribe to our newsletter!


Kiss the earth with free feet!

To make this wish come true we started our crowdfunding campaign at startnext. Because we care for the environment and or health we bring out these durable, water-repellent eco- and skin-friendly comfort shoes in which you can sense the ground and consciuosly walk through life.
Our campaign will run for six weeks only until December, 4.

Support us to make this campaign a great success!

Go directly to the campaign!


Our crowdfunding campaign starts soon!

Finally we got our outsoles and we are very excited to present you our first model FREUDENTANZ! (Freudentanz means dance of joy.)

While we were waiting for Freudentanz we developed a sneaker and called it REISELUST (love to travel). See the first pictures of it:

Furthermore, a ballerina shoe gets developed the following months as well. Here is our first photo-montage of SOMMERWIESE (summer meadow):

All three styles will be available in five colours: ocean, curcuma and stone made of German vegetable tanned cow-leather. Paprika and charcoal are made of vegan Piñatex®.

In a few days we will start our crowdfunding campaign where you can buy all shoes at discounted prices, in limited editions at even lower prices. We won’t offer this special launch prices to you again and the campaign lasts only six weeks. So better be fast!

Subscribers of our info-post and members of our facebook fangroup will receive the information about the starting date first. Two days later we will show the campaign link on our website and to the public.
Meanwhile we got a new instagram account and we hope that it won’t get hacked again…

Instagram account was hacked

We have just realized that our Instagram account was probably hacked. Our account shows almost a thousand subscribers whom we definitely do not want to follow!
Since a collective deletion is not possible, we must either deactivate each subscriber individually or create a new account.
We’ll let you know as soon as we’re back on Instagram.