And the winner is…

And the winner is… In the previous blog entry I wrote about our search for the best impregnation agent for our high-quality, open-pored nappa and nubuck leather. It should meet strict criteria so that we can add the product to our range with a clear conscience. We tested four remedies and found a clear winner.

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Playing with colours and shapes

Shoe development with colour games Our new model is slowly taking shape. We play with various types of leather and try out colour combinations. Nothing has been decided yet; we are busy snipping and sticking together to get realistic impressions. You are already familiar eye-catching colours from our previous models. But now it’s getting really

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Here comes hope…

As a result of the decisions of the government, we also had to make some changes. In the meantime I am firmly convinced to continue my project of the heart. Even if it is difficult or impossible to make realistic plans in the current situation and the financing has not yet been finally clarified, I

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Webshop temporarily offline from February 19 to 20, 2020

From now until tomorrow 7 p.m. we temporarily switch off the webshop. We need to compare our remaining shoes with the webshop warehouse to save you disappointments.
From Thursday evening you can order as usual.

delivery delays

We are currently receiving many orders, which we are very happy about. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find and incorporate helping hands at such short notice. So you sometimes have to wait a little longer for your shoes. We apologize for that!


Stock Alert function

If the shoe of your choice is no longer in stock, you can be notified as soon as the shoe is back in stock. We always have some returns. Just follow the instructions on the product page and finally confirm the order by clicking on the link in your email. Also check your spam folder.

We continue to give a 30% discount on all shoes!

With a heavy heart I decided to stop the shoe development and production under the name Aehrenkranz and to close the business.
Between March and December 2019, I had to deal with a total of seven months of delays in delivery and was either unable to offer any shoes or only shoes that did not fit the season. Meanwhile, month after month, operating costs continued to accrue, which I had to cover without significant income. My financial buffer shrank to such an extent that I could no longer delegate necessary work and could not invest sufficiently.
In the end, I was faced with the decision to risk my health due to overwork or to end my heart project.
I chose health and time with my little child.

What’s next now?

For you, dear customers, this now means that we will sell all remaining shoes at reduced prices in the coming weeks.
We are giving a 30% discount on all shoes in February!
For me it means that my countless design ideas for stylish, yet sustainable and foot-friendly shoes made of natural materials can continue to ripen in my mind until they fall on nutritious soil.
I still think that the world needs fair and meaningful products, that the shoe and fashion industry has to rely on fair trade and working conditions as well as ecologically justifiable materials and that the idea of ​​beautiful and healthy shoes with as little plastic as possible has a bright future. Because there are more and more of us who want to save our planet!
Even if Aehrenkranz of this kind will soon no longer exist, the ideas will live on.
Thank you all for your interest, your questions and your overwhelmingly positive feedback on my shoes!
I’ve learned an incredible amount in the past three years.
Annette Becker

Winter Sale

On January 16 we will start the winter sale which will last until the end of the month.
We give 25% discount on all winter models NORDPOL. Only while supplies last.

Laces new in shop

You can now buy matching laces in different lengths and colours in the Berlin store and online in the web shop. The round laces are made of cotton, are 4-5mm thick and fair produced in Portugal.

Closing time at the turn of 2019/20

Between the years our Berlin store opens on December 27th from 12 noon – 7pm and on December 28th 11am – 4pm.
Our business remains closed on the 24th and 31st of December. We are generally closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Orders received after December 19th can only be shipped from January 02nd onwards.

Between December 20th and January 02nd no orders are processed or sent and no emails are answered.

We’ll be back for you on January 2nd, processing all orders, emails and calls as soon as possible.
We thank you for an exciting year, for your support and your positive feedback and look forward to 2020!
Stay true to us, have a nice Christmas season and a brillant start into the New Year!